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We create e-business solutions that serve the varied needs of our clients and their users in innovative, intuitive, and inspiring ways. Our areas of expertise include:

Web Design

Here, in CMGi, we believe that your website is your business face and identity. It should be available anytime, anywhere, through any device, and easy to find. We bring creative web design to a new level. We have designed sympathetic online presences and created bespoke identities and logos that carry through to traditional media, and have successfully applied pre-existing brands across new digital channels.


Our services in branding are from designing your company logo (or refreshing your current logo) to design your email signatures, together with designing your corporate stationary, brochures, flyers and booklets (for printing or online), designing your merchandising material such as pens, pens, bags, stickers, and t-shirts, and designing your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other social site).

Online Marketing

Advertising in the digital realm is becoming increasingly versatile. Now you can not only target your audience and direct them to your site, but also learn more about them in the process. We are adept at all facets of online advertising. Targeted placement, effective e-campaigns and media analysis add value to your site as an effective promotional tool.

SEO & UX Design

Our services includes SEO optimization to increase your visibility and get a good ranking on the search results in Yahoo, Google and Bing. We also include Google Analytics (and Google Places if requested) on our websites. Knowing more about your visitors and how they interact with your website, helps in promoting your content and campaigns more successfully.

Our Team

At the moment, the department has just open and it is only one designer in it but you can count on CMGi team.


Maria Luisa Castejon

I am a graphic designer with a passion for web design and typography but no, I am not going to mention Helvetica. Detail oriented team player. Organized, flexible and positive attitude to challenges; in fact I love them! At the moment, I’m on the last year of BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design.

You can see more of my work on my personal portfolio here and on my Behance site.

Other skills


Animation done with Adobe After Effects.

Infographics are visual illustrations that communicate data, information or reports by means of signs, symbols, icons, maps and diagrams. They are very popular lately. When these infographics are animated they can be used to represent complex situations and tell stories. They can be informative, involving, and amusing. Animated Infographics or presentations can engage the audience, create expectation on them, or let people know more about your company or any specific product you want to launch.

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